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Introducing Volvo XC60


Client: Volvo Cars
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Production: Edithouse
Producer: Josefine Nyberg
Director: Johan Storm
DP: Jens Jansson

“When secrecy and time to market are top priorities go for full digital car replacement.”

The final commercial

The 2017 XC60 marks the next chapter in the evolution of Volvo Cars highly successful original SUV. With nearly a million units sold globally the XC60 represents around 30 percent of Volvo Cars total global sales. With no car ready to be put in front of the camera and the secrecy surrounding the new XC60, the production was shot using a stand in car, later replaced with a CGI version of the new XC60 using VFX.

We created all the VFX for the production which consists of full digital car replacement with live-action talent interaction and extensive environmental work. The production was shot in Los Angeles on a wide range of locations, in the vibrant cityscape of Hong Kong and in the archipelago of northern Norway.

Pursuit Crane on set

Adding the human element
With Volvos “Built around you” way of thinking it’s important to emphasize the connection between car and human. The production features virtual talents driving and riding the car. To achieve a natural look we created fully rigged characters based on scan data. The characters were animated with subtle movements to bring life to the shot.

XC 60
Shot in California...
XC 60 Hong Kong...
...and in Norway


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