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Volvo V90 Cross Country


Client: Volvo Cars
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Production: Lucky Punk
Producer: Lena Sellman
Director: Johan Storm
DP: Jens Jansson

“With a tight shooting schedule and no picture car, we created all the VFX shots for this two minute commercial, featuring full digital car replacement and extensive environment work.”

The final commercial

For the production of the V90 Cross Country commercial the team travelled across Sweden, chasing the light of the long summer days, while highlighting the cars features in the most appropriate settings. Traditionally a project of this size would be a large endeavour, a complicating factor being that there was actually no picture car, but why make that a showstopper?

A fully digital car
With the same tested and proven method, developed by us and previously used for the S90 and V90, the job was to completely replace a stand-in car with the new V90 Cross Country. To reproduce every glare, glint and spec of dust in the original footage.

Chasing light

From asphalt to dirt roads
On top of replacing the car itself there is often a need to add or remove things in a shot post production, here the stand-in car driving on a regular asphalt road had to be replaced by the V90 Cross Country driving on a classic Swedish country road. A combination of high resolution geometry, textures and 3D vegetation made it possible to turn this into a road perfectly suited for the car with its specific features.

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Original plate
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Road and vegetation
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Particle systems
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Final Composite


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