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Volvo S90 feature experience


Client: Volvo Cars
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Interactive: Kokokaka
Live project:

“Moving the lighting rigs all the way around the car, together with the camera, is something that would be impossible in a real life studio.”

When the Volvo S90 was awarded with Production Car Design of the Year 2015 the agency wanted to showcase not only the interior and exterior design but also the advanced technology making this a true drivers car. The project called for a single seamless shot where every frame had to look as good as any still image.

Large animal detection

Creating a forest
Showcasing advanced car features often involves adjusting the surroundings. In this case, where one component is Large Animal Detection, a snowy landscape complete with a moose was created. A custom particle system together with Zbrush proved to be the quickest and most flexible way to do this. After shading, rigging and animation, complete with the little ear twitch, all that was left to do was to add that extra touch in the form of smoke rising from the hot breath and body of the large animal.

Impossible camera moves
Every landing position has its own lighting, look and retouch and making the experience seamless required careful planning and a few tricks in post production. A single hero image uses as many as twenty carefully placed lights and bouncers, a complex light setup. Moving the lighting rigs around the car, together with the camera, while of course not having them visible at any time, is something that would be impossible in a real life studio.

Large animal detection
Sound system
Fuel up
Volvo S90


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